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New site for Unsub.ca | 12/05/12

This site is for nothing in particular. Kind of digital flotsam.

Skull and Shark

unsub | 10/24/13

Just want to say, I fucking LOVE this:

Bandcamp page for Lazerhalk: L /\ Z E R H /\ \/\/ K

A review by Bandcamp user `Redanimator` sums it up well:

Always wanted your life to be like an 80's movie? Get one step closer to your dreams by providing that life with a soundtrack by Lazerhawk... Driving at night becomes a thrilling drug hazed sprint through the Hollywood Hills, washing the dishes becomes science, working out at the gym becomes a training montage! Lazerhawk makes your life better & makes every other artist seem worse. Favorite track: A Promise
My fav track so far, I think, is "The King of the Streets".

I wonder if Netflix has episodes of `Knightrider`?

Do Electric Sheep dream of Robots?

Some Music I Made | 01/22/13

I made this song a long time ago, but I think it's worth posting anyway. Nobody has heard it, really.

I have made lots of other music too, but mostly it kicks around my hard drive for a few years and then I delete it.
This has, so far, escaped being deleted or misplaced. Lucky you...